Canidate Number Capain Of SEPTE 1

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Oksibil, Reviewing Papua.ID–-Commisional Chosises General Star Mauntain Work  Meeting Number chioses Joining Regional Governer Choises Regional Governer and Wise Regional Governer of Star Mauntain Western Provice on date 23 September  2020  in the area where white Office  of  Oksibil Star Mauntain Joining  Regional Governer and Wise Regional Gevenor for  two times Joining Candidate doing Lottery Prize on 13 .30 Midday. Lottery Prize Box Number for doing  on the midday not  to  make Declination list to decided staff Office because Partner  CODE was come late on Oksibil from  Sentani Jayapura. From lottery Prize Number  Candidate SEPTE get Box Number 1 and CODE get  box Number 2 for against on the Ellection of  Star Mauntain. Observe Media in the Office Commision Election  General (CEG) Star Mauntain, partner  Candidate  directly  until decision. Captain Team coalition  wining SEPTE, Mr Kris B. Uropmabin says SEPTE given box  Number or well organiized Number 1. This a longing people of Star Mauntain that Star Mountain need some one  fegure to be one poeple, church , culture nation do for together develop  Star Mountain. One is we, we a the one. One Star Mountain, there is no different between us, together with SEPTE develop Star Mountain.return prosperity  Poeple of Star Mountain who is be hornest. Respect who strggel unfoldment” Said Mr Kris B. Uropmabin.



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